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Thursday Brownies #25

Versace H&M

Thursday morning (that was today lol) the H & M stores at Graben, Kartnerstrasse and Mariahilferstraße were besieged by fashionistas…and for a good reason: The exclusive, limited collection of Donatella Versace makes its debut – and it means “be quick” to get one of the coveted pieces.

I went to the Albertina (museum) with my son’s Kindergarten group. We were at the Stephansdom around 9AM and people were already lining up. If not mistaken, stores around this area of Vienna opens at 10AM (shopping streets) as would the Albertina also but we were given early entry for the kids’ sake.

The collection on sale starts today – following Karl Lagerfeld and  the Lanvin collection by AlberElbaz the previous years, it is logical to have Versace too. I was tempted to go and buy but I don’t have the budget for that and I was with a group of kids also hurrying to pick up the other two from school. 😉 (Lotsa excuses but really got no money lol.)

I was just shooting and all and didn’t realize that a woman wearing a brown jacket and headgear was in the frame. Now I was able to make a post for both H&M’s Versace special and Thursday Brownies! Two birds in one hit…

Versace H&M

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  1. shopping…love shopping 🙂 am not sure if we H&M at the mall. Thank you again for hosting. Dropping some love for Thursday Brownies, hope that you can return the favor too.

  2. Okay Lang you weren’t able to buy what’s on sale. The pieces aren’t good anyway…sour graping heehee 😀

  3. ! Ay! Ang bongga naman! I also don’t have the money for the purchase of such pricey items. If on marked down prices, I might reconsider, LOL!

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