January 11, 2008- Week after week of eliminations, 21 Year-Old Vincent Bueno emerged as the winner of Austria’s ‘Musical Die Show.’ A competition were contestants are required to show off their theatrical singing, acting, dancing skills. A jury and textvotes from the audience determines the winner.

Vincent, competed with other talented performers starting November last year where he made it past 400 participants to be included in the top 10. He WOWed both the jury and the audience with every performance shoving him through the grandfinals competing against 2 women, Eva Klikovics and Gudrun Ihninger.

Vincent’s powerful delivery of his songs and his talented execution of dance moves set him apart from all the other participants. He performed “Greased Lightning” (Grease) and “Music of the Night” (The Phantom of the Opera) for the Grandfinal’s night.

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(Photo courtesy of www.musical.orf.at)

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