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Walking – Photo Hunt

May 2, 2009


I found stock photos of the kids walking from my treasure box! Above, my older son when he was barely 2 years old walking up the grassy playground going to his sister. Below, youngest at the same age walking home.


Not contented with photos, and a photo would not really show that a baby is actually walking so a video would be better, just an addition. 🙂

(older son at 9 months and some more days)

(little boy at 9 months and 8 days)

Happy Photohunting!

Also, hubby and I did a lot of walking at the City of Bridges last year. Scroll down to see photos we took during that 4 or more hours of walking 😉

Join us!

  1. I have to check the videos on my pc at home. Can’t play anything here at work. Great take on the theme. For some reason I did not realize your were playing this meme too.

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  3. More like toddling than walking but great photos. Ah Venice, where you have no choice but to walk or ride the vaporetto but then it doesn’t go everywhere. In Venice walking is the great leveller, no matter how rich or important you still have to walk everywhere.

  4. cutie cutie kids:) it’s sometimes to see them walk at baka madapa.

    btw, yes you can use my fog pic..just mention where you got it. thanks 🙂

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