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Weekend memoirs

September 6, 2009

Three weekends ago we attended the International convention of Jehovah’s witnesses. Participants and guests came from all over the world and interestingly wore their national costumes. Japanese kimono, Mexican sombrero and mariachi, Kenyan dashiki and kitenge, Indian sari, Philippine barong tagalog and baro’t saya, Austrian/Bavarian tracht and dirndl, the Netherlands dutch cap and sabot were all present!


(Dawty with 2 Japanese women)


(From the Philippines, Mexico, Nigeria, Romania and the US).

img_9051 (Romanian Cioareci and Fotă)


(Dashiki, kitenge, modern clothes and Serbian Vojvodina)



(Philippine Terno, Austrian Tracht, Mexican dress  and Peruvian Chullo and Poncho)


It was a wonderful experience seeing people from all walks of life, of different color, language and race united in worship.Though it was held in a stadium, there were no riots nor trash that you’d usually see after a sports event. I was impressed!

Our Weekend Memoirs

  1. Wow, I love the different colorful costumes! One faith different nations in one place.
    Thank you for your contribution to OWM. Have a great weekend!

  2. Hey that was so nice, seeing people from different countries represented by their national costumes. I like watching an event showing attractive costumes. I agree with Kero the Romanians looked very nationalistic.

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