what building?

This beautiful building has piqued my curiosity ever since I first noticed it. For years, I have wondered what its purpose is as it does look like a castle in front of a river, it can be seen as the tram we board home passes by.

Never judge a book by its cover, as the cliche goes…in this case, never let the appearance fool you! For this building, so grand and picturesque, was supposedly a prison turned into Austria’s Ministry of National Defense Office. Currently under the command of Minister Norbert Darabos, the Armed Forces are engaged into national and international peace-keeping operations and humanitarian missions.

I could only imagine how nice and comfortable the lives of the prisoners would be in this kind of institution. I remember during Sociology class that we once visited the Bilibid prison (Muntinlupa, Philippines) and it was a very different sight in terms of building architecture and perhaps the interior too, as well as the program and routine of internees. I believe the only ‘good-looking’ sight then was Robin Padilla…lol.

Have a nice and enjoyable week everyone!

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