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Weekend Snapshot – Facade

January 4, 2009
what building?

This beautiful building has piqued my curiosity ever since I first noticed it. For years, I have wondered what its purpose is as it does look like a castle in front of a river, it can be seen as the tram we board home passes by.

Never judge a book by its cover, as the cliche goes…in this case, never let the appearance fool you! For this building, so grand and picturesque, was supposedly a prison turned into Austria’s Ministry of National Defense Office. Currently under the command of Minister Norbert Darabos, the Armed Forces are engaged into national and international peace-keeping operations and humanitarian missions.

I could only imagine how nice and comfortable the lives of the prisoners would be in this kind of institution. I remember during Sociology class that we once visited the Bilibid prison (Muntinlupa, Philippines) and it was a very different sight in terms of building architecture and perhaps the interior too, as well as the program and routine of internees. I believe the only ‘good-looking’ sight then was Robin Padilla…lol.

Have a nice and enjoyable week everyone!

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  1. hi G!
    ang shusyality naman nyan. if we have the same kind of prisons in the phils, baka lalong dumami ang convicts. hehe

    happy new year!

  2. a prison is still a prison even when it looks like a castle. the tower of london looks grand and it houses the crown jewels of UK…but it used to be a prison, a place of execution and torture.

  3. Thanks for the information. I wouldn’t know it was a prison before. You can see how they value such infrastructure. Kung d2 sa Pinas baka condemned building na yan.

  4. Beautiful architecture. Oo nga dumadami criminal if they know mas comfortably ang buhay sa kulungan. I think meron sa pINAS NA binabahay ang pamilya somewheree in Mindanao if I’m not mistAKEN.

  5. What a nice-looking prison! I’ve never seen it though.

    We also went to the Bilibid Prison for our Sociology class in college. Robin Padilla was already out by then, but the Webb guy (is it Hubert?) was there. We asked the other prisoners where he was, but they just got annoyed. Hehe

  6. yup, prison in countries like this… ayaw na umalis ng mga preso dahil nga naman mas maayos ang buhay nila sa loob…

    i love old buildings, sarap i-drawing 🙂

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