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Who’s at Fault?

September 20, 2012


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Adam and Eve never took a bite of the forbidden fruit? Well, we’re all probably almost like Superman. With perfect sense and abilities, Adam could avoid any accident around him. A falling branch of a tree could be easily avoided, an uneven surface would have been easily spotted preventing a trip. You know those simulation movies where the characters can predict the move of their opponents? Just like that! He will not get sick, he will not grow old, he will not die.

personal injury claims, Fault
fell off the bike

Unfortunately, he along with Eve took the bite, welcoming sin into the world and we were all born into imperfection, thus, we are easily injured, we are easily wounded, we get sick, we age, we expire. That’s the harsh truth that we all face.

Now, we walk with care and go about our lives sometimes anxious that we might slip, we might step on something sharp or that we will catch a cold or worse, a disease while outside. Such concerns is but natural, for we hear and read in the news about accidents happening here and there.

And, because we are all imperfect, what we create, invent, build may have flaws in them. Uneven pavements? Check! Faulty bicycle breaks? Check! Bizarre as it may and though there are people responsible in keeping the public safe, we still get  injured, even if we are careful. It may not be entirely our fault.

If you get injured, get hospitalized and not be able to work, you can file for personal injury claims given certain conditions. Personal injury is the legal term for injury to the body, mind and emotions of a person caused by the negligence of another, it is one of the many types of tort lawsuit. For slippery floors, that falls under the jurisdiction of the cleaning management. For uneven pavements, that’s the public works department. In cases when negligence is proven, a plaintiff may get monetary compensation.

You will need to hire personal injury lawyers  to avail of a claim.  Personal injury lawyers can represent you to such a process. It does, as another lawyer service would, cost a lot of money so know that such can be entered into a no win no fee agreement where the plaintiff only pays a lawyer if the case is won. Monetary compensation is important, yes, but it is actually more of getting those responsible to own up to their negligence. Also, because such tort lawsuit exists, those in the know will consciously make surroundings safe for the public.

It is not our fault that we’re born prone to accidents. Getting injured is one of the last things we’d hope to happen to ourselves. Still, if injury happens, we just need to know that if it’s not our fault, someone has to pay and there are those who can help us in the process.


  1. I guess it’s being imperfect that makes the world perfect. It adds spice into the equation of life. Though it would always help to know that there are personal injury lawyers that can help us if we fall due to the imperfections around us.

  2. we’re only human, flesh and blood we’re made. 😀 you got me into a singing mood, too. 😛 while i do understand why such things happen, we can’t deny the fact that such realities can affect how we go through life’s daily motions. so, yeah, thank God for personal injury lawyers. 🙂

  3. LoL! Bambie’s comment made me in a singing mood as well. I remember a friend asked the same question during a cell group. If Adam and Eve never took a bite of that forbidden fruit perhaps we might be living in a sinless world…oh how I wish……

  4. I like how you blame Adam and Eve’s mistakes for our imperfection. It’s really their fault, damay lang tayo haha. But I think our imperfections makes us more interesting. I honestly wished for a bone fracture when I was younger just so I can try it. I know, crazy and childish because two of siblings had bone fractures and I didn’t. Ingiterang bata hahaha!

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