Winter unhappy

In the ten years I’ve been in this city, never have I experienced the cold that the region is sweeping now. Ok, my neighbors would say they have up to -30° when they were younger and if it was me, I’ve probably frozen while walking. It’s -11°C but I’m really not used to it…so I wonder how can I survive much colder regions?

It’s dressing up in layers this season, doesn’t mean though that dawty can’t wear dresses…she didn’t properly pull her dress on this shot so it’s not visible much but she’s wearing a red dress, her striped legwarmers over another thick stocking and her knee-high boots. That padded jacket is sure to keep her warm along with her beanie and gloves. Little boy was also in layers, long johns, long socks, padded pants skijacket, bonnet and gloves…but what’s missing? Ninja masks…as they call it. Would buy those masks where there’s only a slit around the eye area for visibility (lol).