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November 26, 2010

It took the author 7 years to finish this hand-written Bible.

If I have the luxury of time I would have done the same…perhaps. Writing down than just reading makes everything easier to understand. That’s how it has always been for me even when I was still a schoolkid. Jotting down or doing some scribbles as the teacher gives a lecture makes me remember better.

I’ve been studying the bible too since I entered first grade in school, of course, I do not have the same understanding then as now. I thank my teachers for instilling in me the love for the bible because now I recognized the truth the moment it approached me, I accepted it and it has set me free.

  1. wow, 7 years! what dedication!
    i loved writing to friends, letters and cards. now after a few lines, i couldn’t read my handwriting anymore! LOL the computer ruined my handwriting!

  2. I have a feeling it’d take me longer to copy out the Bible than 7 years since these days, I write by hand way less often than I do such as type words out on my computer keyboard! :O

  3. Thanks for featuring The Book on your blog. The # 1 bestseller of all times. The sublime word of God on paper or parchment like the Dead Sea scrolls. I am glad you read the Bible too and I must say, I have seen changed lives for the better applying the wisdom of the Almighty. It changed mine too. Cheers!

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