(photo from Cupcakes by MommyVanj)

I was chatting with a friend one lovely afternoon when she suddenly blurted out, “Ang tagal nyo na…” (You’ve been together for so long.) I absent-mindedly ask “Who? H?” We both ended up laughing. “Why, is there somebody else?” was the reply and we had more laughs.


It has been more than 10 years that I’ve known hubby…we’d be celebrating our tenth year as husband and wife 6 months from now. In between almost 10 years we had our quarrels, some petty and some grave enough that I won’t talk to him for 3 days.

I would share more about our life together on this blog but I have to go sleep now. I was actually looking for wedding anniversary presents for couples when I thought of writing this piece. I think the cupcakes above are wonderful ideas to give as personalized items. (If you’re the one baking them.) Any ideas? I’ll really appreciate your input. Thanks!