Panaderos, the (mysterious) gentleman behind A Man of My Town, send me a tag 2 days ago. Sorry buddy for making this a ‘little’ late. You read about the Sakura ad sneezes, now got headaches too!

Here are the easy to do tag rules:

1. Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages.

2. Open the book to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.

5. Tag five people.

I am not (holy) nor do I seem close to being one, but the Bible is a book I really like to read, no, actually it is for me; a way of life. So the bible is the one that I was able to grab after reading the rules at Panaderos’ page. Now don’t get bored…

Searching for page 123, I landed on the book of Exodus, Chapter 33, the part after Moses
witnessed the Ten Plagues, experienced the parting of the Red Sea, and received the 10 commandments then the stones were broken after a fit of anger.

Interestingly, the three sentences are verses 12 (second part) to 13. Moses was talking to God.

12…Moreover, you yourself have said, ‘I do know you by name and, besides, you have found favor in my eyes.’ 13 And now, if, please, I have found favor in your eyes, make me know, please, your ways, that I may know you, in order that I may find favor in your eyes.

The first verse emphasizes on knowing someone by name…coincidentally,days ago I asked Mr. Baker a.k.a. Panaderos his real name =) Why? Because for me knowing someone’s name is a step to becoming his/her friend. In case I haven’t asked my cyberfriends what they’re real names are: its because I believe that they are using their real name instead of a nick, as for Mr. Baker, I doubt a mother would ever name her son as such. =D No offense Sir!

It was indicated that God knows Moses by name. Not only acquainted with that one word about him but knows his personality and qualities as revealed by it. Don’t we always get curious to what is the meaning of our name, and people always associate our name with our personality? Be it said so, do you ever wonder like Joan Osborne (or her song’s writer) if God has a name?

Second verse, Moses plead to know God’s ways. Though raised in the household of Pharaoh and had been educated in the wisdom esteemed by the nobility of Egypt, Moses realized that he was not an Egyptian. He was born to Hebrew parents. And he knew about the True God, that Egyptian gods are but stone…so in order for him to do God’s purpose, he humbled himself and asked for His guidance. A fitting example for God’s followers to do. -Fin-

Now I’d pass on this tag to Luna, Trina, Dagul, Kcee, and Dong. Thanks Guys!