The hardest part when doing projects is to start. Even when writing, the starting sentence is something that you or maybe I find difficult. I want it catchy or somehow really memorable…it doesn’t go that way all the time.

It’s the same with blogging. Some of my friends who decided to blog (after I convinced them) are faced with the decision to choose a free hosting or to get a web hosting and buy a domain name. Those of them who bought domains have yet to start writing something as a sort of introduction. Well, they’re busy moms and working professionals after all.


Sometime ago, I was faced with the same dilemma. I am keeping my webhosting and domain yet I took another for my previously free blog. I lost the ranking and am now trying to put up that one’s links and elements with regard to SEO.

I’ve often shared about my webhosting and how cheap I got my domain name from them. (Thanks to the techie hubby.) He scoured the web looking for cheap webhosts. He would read details without fail, testimonials for additional points and actually asked around his online friends for advice.

I think websites that provide a comprehensive FAQ page helped him a lot! It was also with the help of those website ratings and reviews that consumers are able to identify and opt for services that fit their needs. There are sites that provide a list of popular website hosts under various categories. Some of them includes best budget hosting, best blog hosting and best dedicated hosting. So if you’re looking for a web host, carefully compare prices and services offered by different hosting companies. You also have to consider how transfering from a free host to paid webhosting will affect your ranking (will elaborate on this soon). Be sure to read about these things before you decide to have a smooth blogging ride, so to speak.