Sometime last year I signed up for Blogadvertising Store formerly known as PayingPost, a get paid to blog website where advertisers and publishers interact. Publishers get paid for reviews about services and websites, while advertisers gain promotion and readers from the links. Both parties gain traffic and deeplinks that would be easily indexed in the blogosphere.

The website is very easy to navigate, once you sign up and give the necessary details, you put certain codes in your blog and wait for approval (which takes no longer than 3 days). If your blog passes the requirements, you’re good to go. You can choose a category where your blog fits and this will determine the assignments that will be given to you. Also, the advertisers can pick and give assignments to blogs they deem would fit their exposure purpose…direct hiring, so to say, where an extensive list of publishers is available.

Regarding opportunities, you need to be quick and reserve them as soon as you can as they could be reserved by other publishers, advertisers determine an amount of blogs to publish on. You will be given 6 hours to finish and submit your post. The advertisers normally require 100-200 words, or 2-3 paragraphs, a photo or two and some links to advertise on blogs. The fee given the publishers also range, from 5$ up. PayingPost also gives incentives to the best post each pay period (first day of the month). Payment is sent through the publisher’s paypal account.

If you own a company, this is a better option to have your services and products advertised. Blog advertising is not only cheaper, it is more effective as each individual blog is global and exposed to different groups of readers. Read their blog to know why blog marketing is the new trend in advertising.

I was writing well for them but in the middle of it all though, there were reports of them being a scam as bloggers do not get paid for the job done. Then I wasn’t able to log for a long time…I get redirected to the blog every time I tried to log in. I forgot about them in the process.

I just decided to check back on my account last month. I was able to login and the site has been revamped and renamed, probably brought by the negative reviews of angry bloggers. I took on a task and submitted it just to know if it’s still working…They now have a new policy regarding payouts, you need to at least reach the 100$ treshhold. The website states this is so because many bloggers choose to remove posts after they get paid, which is unfair for the advertiser of course. I don’t know, I’m still having mixed thoughts about them but I’ve read some bloggers getting paid and others not so I just think I will have to go for this…if in the end it’s a scam then I only have to blame myself…I anyway took the jobs because I love writing about anything under the sun….and if I get paid for doing so, that won’t be bad.