5 Tips to Keep your Kids Room Tidy

We all know how messy our kids’ rooms can be come. It doesn’t seem to matter how many kids you have or how many share or play in the room, keeping it tidy can be a challenge. Tidying up tends to be a difficult task for them which ultimately leads to the room staying messy. Here are 5 useful tips to help keep your kids room tidy.

Toy box

Having a toy box in your kids room is one of the most common and effective ways of maintaining a clean and tidy room. The bigger the toy box or more available toy boxes the better. The kids’ can simply pile all of their toys in without the hassle of hiding or putting them back in a more inconvenient storage place. Toy boxes remove the hassle and saves much needed play time.



Under-storage can be quite effective and time saving. They are drawer like objects that are removable and can be stored anywhere. They can be stored under their bed or at the bottom of their closet which provides a clutter free environment. They are also easy to manoeuvre and move around to suit different settings. Under-storage can be used for excess toys, clothes, school books and bedding.

kids room tidyPraise them for cleaning up

It may sound absurd to some, however many kids seek praise from their parents. If you inspire them to clean up they may feel the need to impress you or help you out. Simple encouragement may motivate your kids to clean up and with minimal praise could further encourage these actions in the future. A simple sense of acknowledgement will inspire your kids of their good deed.


Most kids would consider cleaning up to be somewhat of a chore. Here’s your opportunity to provide a reward for their efforts of cleaning up after themselves. A reward to them may be a snack, extra play time or something to continue to motivate them to do a good job. One reward may lead to an array of chores completed outside their bedroom which ultimately will suit you.

Create a clean-up routine

Another possible idea would be to create a strict clean-up routine that your kids must adhere to. This is your opportunity to teach your kids some general household rules. By enforcing a strict clean-up time the kids will understand the importance of this activity and if broken, possibly the introduction of punishment. You could enforce a specific time to be adhered to on a daily basis. 5pm is clean-up time for example.

These 5 ideas are simple and effective to implement. Some may work and some may not however each tip is worth a try. Of course extra storage space will allow more room to store toys away, the key is to teach your kids the importance of cleaning up, evidently saving you the time and hassle of cleaning their room.