Philippine Christian University, DIS – 1993 – I’m 3rd from right. 🙂


A saying goes “Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.” I have some who were  that to me, persons who inspired me with their teaching. I may not have a single favorite and I was never a teacher’s pet, but the teachers I’ll tell you about are special to me.

I’m gonna do this one by one, so for now I’ll start with grade school.

I was never that interested with numbers so I focused on letters. Reading, writing and literature were the things I love. Our English teacher and also grade 6 class adviser, Mrs. Perlita Monroy, was one of the reputed terror teachers in school. To which I wonder why. She was humorous and nice and she does teach than tell. Perhaps she has a bit of strictness but it really isn’t something kids should be afraid of. I do think though that she enjoys this reputation that she stood by it. *teehee*

Last year, her daughter was tagged in a photo (above) we posted on our gradeschool group. I sent her a message knowing that it’s only through her that I could get a message to Mrs. Monroy. I kindly asked her to pass my thanks to her mom who has been really influential to my appreciating English and later on my deciding to take journalism as a course and career.

She replied afterwards saying that Ma’am was very flattered that I consider her a great mentor. She also said that upon mentioning my first name, Ma’am already knew it was me –  telling her what my maiden name was….I was really surprised. For a teacher to remember a student after almost 20 years is amazing.

I’m really thankful to her for making me love a language that will later on prove beneficial. With her teachings instilled in me about grammar, tenses, cases and those, I was also able to easily learn a much difficult and differently structured language, German.

I will always be grateful to Mrs. Monroy for being a great teacher but more than ever, for remembering me after all these years.