Don’t you just love discount/grocery coupons and promotional codes ? I do! I think most of us do—during our recent trip back home I was given 10 discount coupons by the ticketing agency for buying 5 plane tickets from them. It was a 5euro each discount coupons for the 1st district branch of  TGI Friday’s. Now, I just need to tag along 2 other friends to use the coupons.

Be it food places, shoe stores or techie gadget coupons, I think we are more driven to buy when we have those. It’s the same force that pulls us inside shopping malls when we see the big 4-letter-word: SALE! Using coupons to save money is  simply being smart, you save money and you can use that  money for something else. Thank Teri and Co. at! They have compiled a list of weekly specials offered by manufacturer’s along with matching coupons! All you need to do is register to benefit from the site…save lots from your budget of the month.

The website provides a comprehensive ‘answers’ section to the more frequently asked questions by customers. The testimonial page would be proof that the GroceryGame is no scam but pure helpful online endeavor to help us cutback on expenses.