(photo edited at photofunia)

The monicker ‘a stagemom‘ (or stagedad, which is rare) sometimes gives off a negative connotation than a ‘supporting role’ suggestion. Why not? Among the known actors and actresses worldwide, 2 out of 10 stagemoms would perhaps make themselves more popular than their children regarding rumors, pressures and (mis) management. Others would themselves end up as actresses too.   

Aside from the responsibility of making sure that the kids get to castings, being on time for a shoot, stagemoms also need to keep their kids’ attitude in check. In the process demanding special treatment for their child that others would often see as “too much.”

Still, others deem stagemoms as somehow living their own dreams through their kids, in terms of fame and achievement.

I am, for a part, guilty of these descriptions…I am fond of photographing my kids and would be in (stagemom) heaven when I see them in print. I would scout for photocontests and look for a theme that their photo would best fit into. If not, I’d stage and shoot a few to be able to enter. I do see these chances as fun family events…which mom wouldn’t be proud seeing their kids’ poster on a wall admired by viewers? Oh, I don’t know, but I am sure, its not me. 😉