Years ago, home burglar alarms were only used in the homes of the rich and famous. However, the passage of time has proven that burglars no longer consider the income spectrum when choosing a house to break in. As long as they can hoard loots, they don’t give much flak if the owner is filthy rich or not. This is probably the reason why prices of home alarm systems have dropped. Now, these alarm systems have become common fixtures even in the homes of average folks.


A lot of people who invest in alarms go for the do-it-yourself systems. These can be wired or wireless, setting off an alarm when an intruder attempts to break in or when they are moving around inside of your house.

Typically, there are two types of home alarm systems – open and closed circuit. Open circuit systems work by setting off an alarm when the circuit closes. When a window or a door is opened, the circuit is immediately completed and the alarm goes off. On the other hand, closed circuit systems work the opposite way. When a window or door is opened, the circuit is broken – also setting off the alarm.

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Of course, due to the advent of technology, a more sophisticated option is in available – motion sensors. Motion sensors sense any type of motion within a certain radius. Once it senses any motion, it sends a signal out to the control panel that will analyze it and see if the movement is considered suspicious. If the movement is indeed considered suspicious, it will react based on how you have it set up. It can sound off an alarm or in more advanced cases, it can inform the proper authorities through hook up (that means the alarm system is wired to the nearest police station).

Motion sensors can be adjusted, so it can detect which movements are caused by pets walking around or by activities that usually take place in your home. Simply put, you can program it in a way that it can differentiate regular movements from suspicious ones that indicate a burglary is taking place. Motion sensor alarms are very common these days, and one of the best ways to keep your home safe from a burglar. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that you and your family are protected.

Normally, it’s a good idea to use motion sensors and magnetic switches with your burglar alarm setup. Magnetic switches will protect doors and windows while the motion sensors will help to protect larger rooms, such as living rooms and hallways. The combination of the two is never a bad idea and it will go a long way in protecting your home.

You also have the option to install security cameras in your home. You can mount these in strategic areas throughout the parameter of your home. These will pick up images in the area where you have mounted these and the images will be displayed on a monitor. You can also record the video to keep track of the information that the camera picks up.

Whatever type of home alarm system you choose, one thing is sure; it is always a smart investment. It would ease off your worries and give you peace of mind.