Alternative Electricity at Home


We got new fish! Our 12-inch arowana died after being with us for 5 years, our 14-inch pleco died too just last week so the kids are a bit sad. They also called our aquarium, empty-boring tank. So hubby decided to put in guppies. His friend has a nano tank and it’s beginning to overflow with guppies so he gave away a handful (perhaps 20). The kids were not used to having small creatures in the tank since we’ve had big malawis, oscars, kois and the arowana for the past five years – all 3 inches and bigger.



Barely a day at home, one of the fish spawned 9 fingerlings. The kids were curious. Hubby has been keeping the lights on for most of the day and I wish there’s an alternative electricity at home that we can use to lessen our yearly electricity bill (we paid 285€ for excesses and we pay 150€ every two months). We haven’t been using our heater much so imagine if we do. The season is getting chilly now and we have to use it sooner or later.

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The following day hubby took us to the pet shop to buy plants and we saw these neon on sale for 1€ each. We got 10 of them and they along with the guppies, look quite happy swimming about in a bigger tank than before. Hubby decorated the tank with plants ad the kids content themselves watching the fish doing rounds.