Meet my daughter at age 1.5 years (she’s 10 now). As you can see she had very little hair then. I had to make extra efforts to make her look more feminine because people would often ask about her gender. I made her wear feminine colors, I bought her flowery headbands and clips and had her pediatrician pierce her for earrings. I would specifically browse and buy jewellery for babies – bracelets and necklaces with pinkish charms.

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Despite my efforts people would look at her, see her hair and ask me if she was a boy or a girl. When buying baby jewellery it is best to choose high-quality, safe items. Babies tend to put things in their mouths, normally whatever they can get hold of. It is not advisable to buy cast gold and silver as they may peel it off and swallow it. Dangling accessories should also be firmly attached as they may fall off or get pulled easily by your impatient toddler.

My daughter is all grown-up now, she can pick her own jewellery but most of the time she doesn’t want any. I’ve been browsing online again as I’m looking for a gift to give my friend’s little girl who is 5 months now. Hubby will be visiting them come October (she’s based in California) and I’d like to give her a token, I’m thinking the bracelet pictured above which she can use even when she’s a bit older.