Bedtime Stories and Beddings


Everyone seems to be posting about their dads, and it’s no wonder today being Father’s day. I’m opting out of the trend since it’s Father’s day everyday where I am. What with the banters, laughs and plays, I know the kids and hubby are each enjoying themselves.


And just like every parent who wants to give their children a warm, safe and comfortable atmosphere where they can sleep, rest and do their homework each evening, I’m happy that hubby responsibly provides. Aside from the sweet lullabies and bedtime stories,  parents can accomplish this task with providing beautiful bedding that complements each child’s tastes and needs.

dad and son, Bedtime Stories and Beddings

Finding something that lulls children into a sense of safety and happiness is a good way to approach decorating their bedroom, especially when finding something for them to wrap in each night as they drift off to sleep. When it’s time to go shopping for comforters, pillowcases and more, find children’s bedding by Sweet JoJo Designs at

Parents will love the sense of freedom that they have with the wide selection. Regardless of the age of the children, there is something for everyone. Moms and Dads will find a full catalog of crib bedding, toddler bedding and everything on into early childhood and teen years. Boys and girls at every age will drift off to sleep in the midst of charming and uniquely designed bedding sets.

The selection at includes sheet sets, curtains, rugs and more to accompany the special designs for boys, girls and infants. Boys’ bedding sets are simple while still featuring items such as airplanes, fire trucks, turtles, forest creatures, a jungle theme, a pirate theme and more. Girls’ bedding sets feature flower patterns, ballet lesson quilts, butterfly patterns in different color combinations, cheetah patterns, pink camouflage, cowgirl sets, daisies, damasks, dragonfly designs and much more to please any boys and girls. It’s a goodnight sleep for each in such a setup.