What is it with benches that most of my kids’ photos were taken on one? I admit my fondness of benches and through the years I’ve taken photos of the kids paired or all 3 of them on a bench anywhere in the city. Some of these photos were already published here some not and if you look at a post just below, there’s another shot of my daughter and my youngest looking unhappy while on a bench.

Above was taken last year (February) at the Schönbrunn Gardens. The kids were getting tired walking about and sat there talking senseless.


This one was taken in December 2011 at the the roof of the Haus des Meeres. It’s winter but the sun was shining and we left our jackets at the locker so we went with it and it thank goodness we didn’t chill.

One of the most frequently published photo here and in my other blogs, this one was taken in in May of 2010 at the tram station.

This was taken last Spring (April last year) while we’re taking a rest from playing.

I guess because I don’t have a real studio to take photos of the kids, I’d just settle with what’s there for us to use.