Consider Book Rentals


We’ve just started school. Believe me, if I hadn’t tucked away extra cash, we’re probably starving now. Students, and their parents, are going to spend bucks over the stuff they will need for school tuition, books, and book covers and other stuff. But, of all the things students need in school, the most expensive are the textbooks. Prices of textbooks range from a low of $100 to a high $300! The prices also vary depending on the subject of the textbooks. Science-themed books are usually the pricier ones because of numerous illustrations inside.


Textbooks may also cost high because they come with accompanying CDs and test materials, and other miscellaneous. Prices also increase depending on the version of a textbook; the latest version, the more costly. Also, most teachers require the students to have the latest editions of textbooks. Thus, it is to be expected that the expenses for textbooks this coming new semester will be increasing again. Ginormous burden for the parents.

Save up on your textbooks by renting them.

Save Up From Book Rentals

But the good news is there are ways to avoid this impractical spending over textbooks. Some students have learned they can save up by renting textbooks instead of buying them. Some say they could save up to 90% when they decided to just rent their required textbooks instead of purchasing them.

Are you ready to take the shift from buying to renting your textbooks? Here are some points why you should consider renting your textbooks this time.

Reasons To Rent

1. Some textbooks just stay at the house’s attic after it has played its part in a student’s academic life. Old books and textbooks consumes too much space and they become more obsolete as years go by so as there are newer editions being published. Thus, it ain’t too practical buying expensive ones when renting textbooks is more economical.

2. Some students are simply not fans of highlighting markers. If you are this kind and you could do well without having to mark the texts you are reviewing for a classroom lesson, then you can be fine with renting textbooks.

3. For some students, good-as-new books will do just as fine as brand new ones. While book rentals often offer used books, they are still at a good quality, lest they won’t be handed out for borrowing.