Bunk Beds

That Pinteresting is addictive and totally inspiring is a given. I’ve been meaning to try the recipes I’m seeing there, to visit the places that are so picturesque and do the do-it-yourself home improvement ideas such as the one above. The bunk beds that would be wonderful for the kids’ room is one of those I aim to do. One bed for each  with another to spare for a friend spending the night over. This is also a convenient alternative to traditional dorm room bunk beds we’re used to seeing. Bunk beds are space savers and give the kids endless playful ideas.

Here’s another one that is so inspiring and cozy-looking being integrated on cool, powder blue walls.


If you are thinking of getting bunk beds then consider the option of  doing it yourself with the help of many tips from bloggers around. I’m sure google would be a lot of help or hire professionals to do the job for you. If DIY is not your thing then there are a lot of websites selling bunk beds in designs that would match your taste.

Bunkbeds.net is one of those sites. They carry a wide range of beds and bunk beds designed to soothe one’s preferences. To help you in choosing a bunk bed, consider the following points.

Room Measurement. Consider the room that the bunk bed will be. Take measurements here and there especially the ceiling height. Consider at least 2 feet of extra height from the top bunk to the ceiling to avoid bumps.

Bunk Bed Features. They’ve evolved for the better through the years. Some have compartments under the lower bunk to maximize use space. This could also be a pullout bed so there’d be a third bed. There are also loft styles, which looks like an elevated bed with space under that can be used for other stuff. A desk or a small sofa or a small cabinet perhaps. There’s also those with integrated sofa beds. The bunk other is a sofa in the morning and could be turned to a full bed at night — serves a double purpose. Moreover, there are bunk beds that come with a set of desks, drawers, dressers and other furniture in matching color and design. Just like the picture on the right.

There will definitely be a lot of styles in the market, upon considering the above points it is still important to choose a style and make that will make you and your kids happy. Take his/her opinion in to consideration, her favorite color perhaps, her favorite movie character and incorporate a bit of those into what you will have to choose.