Buy me Ice Cream, Buy me Happiness


Before finding this image, my son has been explaining the same thing for weeks especially when he hears me singing Jessie J’s Price Tag. He said, ” it’s not true that you can’t buy happiness, if you buy me ice cream, I would be happy.”


Words spoken by a 9-year-old. I can’t help but laugh, his argument is valid. As as stated in the image: that’s kind of the same thing. I didn’t want to crush the spirit of the little thinker so I just smiled. From a child’s point of view, happiness is playing, ice cream, toys, swimming and those stories that they tell to which you’d carefully and endlessly listen.

We are reminded time and again to be like children (Matthew 18:3). To become like children we have to be humble and receptive (impartial), contented and easily forgiving. Sounds easy to say but definitely not easy to do. When we become adults, we become burdened with many things we were not used to having as kids. Responsibilities appear, bills accumulate, pressures pile up from left to right. We tend to forget to have fun just to overcome all these, thus, the child in us gets pushed aside.

Once in a while, it’s nice to let our inner child out, probably better if often. You know, an ice cream won’t cost a lot.