Yume wa kanaimashita ka? (Has your dream came true?)

I think dreams are meant to be like that. If it comes true then it’s not a dream at all. My blogger profile anyway reads: Wants to be: A linguist, a traveler, a photographer, a writer, a cook, a painter….but by the end of the day… will always be a mother, a wife, a believer…

When I was a grade school student I was a member of the Young Artists Club. I really enjoyed our charcoal pencil lessons, watercolor exercises and pastel painting sessions too. Then, I dreamed of becoming an artist.

Back then, my resources were very limited….I save a little of that very little money I get and buy sketchpads and colors that I can use.

You know how they say you won’t get rich being a painter? I think it’s true unless you build a name as one even as a student. Back in college we (friends and I) were living in a boarding house opposite one with students who were taking up Painting . I learned how much more oil paint and diverse brushes cost. Back then I would also cover painting contests and exhibitions as the Metrobank Art awards or the Art Association of the Philippines painting contests. – From starting there, these students get their names known in the art scene, they’d be lucky if a collector gets interested.

It’s not surprising that I got attracted to someone with art skills, I think. Hubby, though an advertising graduate can paint, draw, illustrate – he knows colors well. It’s because I’m too intimidated with him around that I haven’t had any time spent for drawing, save for anime classes last year. 🙂

When I was younger, I’d make the most of what I have; crayons or pencils, watercolors, cardboards and paper to draw. When I draw, when I paint, I feel at ease and lost in my own world. Haven’t done that in a while. I’m definitely getting my me-time -painting- this week! I’ll paint something and show you next week! 😉 My dream remains, at the end of the day I am and will be a dreamer.