I looked up my Groupon account to see that some of the deals I bought were expired. ):   – (Unlike!)
I think I’ve been buying too much that I can’t keep up. So now, I promised myself I’m going to use all that I bought before buying new deals. First stop, Fisch Gruber. It is a fresh fish shop at the Naschmarkt, quite known for its freshness and high prices. Well, given that they sell fresh instead of frozen, it’s justifiable.


I got two deals worth 40€ each at the price of 19€ a deal..so that’s 38€ for a catch of 80! So off I go with Kuya O and Tita S. This is actually fulfilling my promise to Tita S. She never liked buying eventually eating frozen fish. I think it has to do with her growing up eating them really-really fresh from the sea. I was a bit forgiving as frozen is ok with me…or maybe because I really miss fish too!
Tuna, salmon, seabream, trout, octopus, calamari, sea urchin, giant lobsters, blue marlin, oysters, butterfish and a wide range of sea-fruits were there. We weren’t able to decide immediately what we’ll be having. The patient seller was friendly enough to let us decide…

Sidestory: seeing eel, catfish and other live fish, my C (older son) asked if we can have them as pets. lol. I don’t think our kois would be happy to have them…

salmon steak

Were there selections of milkfish, tilapia and mackarel scad I’d definitely get those, lol. Lacking those three, Salmon was obviously the first choice…there were fillet cuts too but we settled for steaks because it’s  cheaper…I asked for two 1 kilos separated but she (seller) mistakenly weighed two 2 kilos each. 🙂 I didn’t complain nor did Tita S…the deal is, one should buy not less than the 40€ worth of deal so we had to add some more to exceed 80€. We got each a Goldbrasse which I have always heard from friends…turns out this is seabream or besugo but definitely bigger than the ones I used to have. (will post about it next)
I had opted of letting the 4€ go like give it as a thank you but they were adamant that I spend it 😀 so we got a piece of calamari (it was 8€ for 100g)…

At home, I made a simple dish for half of the steaks. I normally pair salmon with dill but this time rosemary won the which-herb-would-it-be battle. :)Click here for recipe.


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