As you sit back in your comfy patio chair and look out into the horizon, you tell yourself that life just couldn’t get any better. You have everything you could ever need and everyone you love under one roof. And then you start to get that gnawing feeling that your hubby is starting to spend way too much time tinkering with his otc tools in the garage, that you feel neglected.

Times like these, it helps to have friends. Friends take you on a brief respite from the bludgeons of everyday life. Sure your husband can do that, but occasionally, it does you good to get in touch with friends. Oftentimes though, it’s difficult to meet up with old friends, as they may be too busy with their own lives. This is the perfect time to make new ones.

Making new friends was a breeze when you were a kid, but even if you’re over 30, there are still some ways to forge fresh friendships.


Hit the gym. If you join a yoga class, for instance, you can strike up a conversation with at least one of the other girls in there after a sweaty stretching session.

Bond with your workmates. Socialization with them is not limited to rounds at the office water cooler. After clocking out, ask them if they want to go out for drinks or a quick coffee. It’ll help ease things up when you go and gossip- or rather, chat- somewhere outside the workplace.

Go to church. Join one of those church groups which meet on a regular basis. You’ll have lots to talk about if you share the same faith and beliefs.

Although making friends when you’re older is no longer as easy as sharing your toys with the other girl, it is still possible. Get out there, pursue your interests, and you’re bound to find your new BFF in no time.