(strawberry milkshake, dawty and her yogurt in a cup with smarties and candy sprinkles, older son with his yogurt on a big sugar cone with the same toppings as Ate and 5kg jars nutella)

This is my second yogurt post for this month. 🙂 As what was previously said, I don’t usually get my fix of yogurt craving unlike the kids. I stock yogurt and yogurt drink (like yakult) in the fridge for them. Speaking of yakult makes me think of Japan again. Seriously do I have to link every post to them? Waaah. I’m just glad that Mommy Clang of Kizuna has sent a message that she and her family are doing okay, save for a few things to be cleaned at home.

Yakult (yakuruto) is derived from yogurt too, it is a Japanese probiotic milk-like product made by fermenting a mixture of skimmed milk with a special strain of the bacterium Lactobacillus casei Shirota. (I remember this from the TV ads in my childhood lol).

Insert- One of my favorite food bloggers is raising funds for Japan here, we can donate a bit or so too. Would do my share as well.

Yoyogurt also serves crepes, fillings of which include apricot jam, strawberry jam, nutella, vanilla or a combination of any of them. I hadn’t the chance to try as I was still so full from an earlier lunch out. We only decided to try out the place as I got another deal from Groupon. (Bought at 8€ but worth 18€!)


Other yummy treats to choose from would be doughtnuts, milkshakes and cookies. Kuya O had strawberry while I had Pineapply milkshake. I took home some cookies and donuts too for the hubby who love donuts.

All in all a lovely snacking experience albeit the lack of branches around the city.


Talkative as I am I chatted with the server and she has a familiar smile that prompted my to ask where she’s from (I assumed she’s not from Austria based on her looks). I was surprised when she said she is Austrian-Filipino with a wide grin.

It would be awesome if they would have other branches throughout the city. The lone yoyogurt is a bit far from our place so we cannot go as often as we’d like.

Guglgasse 6
1110 Vienna