Choosing the Right Self Storage Unit


Spring cleaning, even summer clean-ups, could be difficult if there’s not enough space to store stuff not needed for the season. While it’s okay to throw away excesses, there are still a lot of things you can use after a year – for example: your favorite cowboy boots, your favorite leather jacket and that comfort blanket you had for years. And while your cellar may be a good option, the temperature, humidity and whatnots can cause rust, mildew and other unwanted damage on stored items. Building a shed is also a good way to store items but if you are a family that often moves, there’s one brilliant solution…self storage. And it has proved to be a good solution to many.


Self storage businesses offers rented space – could be lockers, rooms, containers and other spaces where tenants can temporarily store their belongings (big and small) on a monthly basis. That could be household and business items. Storage units tend to differ in sizes, the smallest being  10×5 (10 feet wide by 5 feet). The services offered by such companies vary – short-term or long-term storage, a choice between a just storage pods or moving pods, outdoor or indoor options are some that customers can choose from.

self storage unit
indoor storage

So how do you get to choose the right storage unit for you? Read on.

1. Plan. Is it going to be a long-term or a short-term lease? If it’s a long-term one, choose a bigger storage where you can add some more stuff the following year. That way, you don’t pay double the space and you can add items to store, any time!

2. Inventory. Make a list of all the items you will store.

3. Weigh and Measure. Knowing how much space the items will take should help you determine which size of storage to rent.

4. Stack ’em up.  Try stacking them up, or piling them on top of each other and see how much space they would eat. Consider putting spaces for ventilation – and perhaps an aisle, so you can easily walk up and find things when you suddenly  need them. (You’ll never know when.)

5. Scout. Visit a facility nearest you, it is usually easy to find out if  Colorado Springs has storage units or if San Francisco offers cheap storage rentals with a simple online search. Seeing the actual unit will help you in deciding the size of the unit you’d rent. Also, the staff would be sure to help you out.

Space is indeed a valuable asset. And because we are a society of hoarders (admit it!) and sentimental fools, there were always be too much stuff we will hold on to and keep. It is also quite a taxing thing to throw away or decide which things should be in the bin. So for now, while you still want to hold on to the memories, a storage unit would prove beneficial, be it spring, summer, even winter or fall.


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