What do colors of front doors say about the home? You’d probably think “there’s nothing to it really” but just as flowers have a language so does your front door color. It is after all, the focal point of your abode. Doors can make or break the look and even the possibility of getting your house sold should you want to. Without realizing it, the colors we wear, the cars we drive, and the wall painting we just did- reveal a thousand things about us. If one wears bright colors, people would identify that person as lively or outgoing while those wearing gray might convey “that’s a plain kind of person.”


We’ve always had a brown door, I know, it’s kind of lame. Since we live in an apartment building and everything is ready when we moved in, we really had not touched anything except for the walls and the furniture we brought in.

The Famous blue door at Nottiing Hill

My kind of door for our would be house is a blue one, white walls, french windows by the side and a porch painted in all-white. Perhaps a door positioned in an elevated manner, with just a few steps of the stairs leading to it would do. I imagine it would really be a beautiful sight when it snows.

Though I don’t believe in Feng Shui, I think there really is something to why a house owner would choose a certain door color. As I chose red for our wall to make the home lively, why could I not have a red door to convey the same? According to experts, here are some of the popular front door colors and what it says about the home and the people living in it.

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– calm, peaceful, relaxing. Every visitor would feel at home when they see this color upon entry.


– health, harmony, peace. having some indoor plants would surely make those entering a house with green doors feel peaceful and in balance with nature…relaxing as blue is.


– vibrant, welcome, alive. Red, connoting passion is like welcoming everyone looking in it to come in. Those who would enter will surely be excited to see what’s behind that door.


– merriment, humor, curiosity. Now, wouldn’t you be curious to see what’s behind that merry door? I surely will, I would love to have some laugh with the people leaving in a house with a yellow door.


– purity, clean. Though white is not often on those list, I personally think that it is still the color that suggests the purest of intentions. White french doors? Yeah, they’re still my choice of portal!