Custom Trade Show Displays


Custom trade show displays offer the opportunity to showcase goods and services in open-market environments where people meet people. With these shows, you display your information without dependency on internet marketing strategies.


We’ve been to many trade fairs – be it for cars, weddings, computers, and even Japanese merchandise, and we tend to be attracted to displays that are of course, standouts. What should custom trade show displays have and what would it bring? Let’s summarize.

Physical Space for Information, for example, now has the ability to showcase the information on their website in a way that customers can meet buyers to speak of their services. That’s by providing Custom Trade Show Displays at events aprropriate. Instead of using an online FAQ, they can pose questions and have their answers right there, in person, and without the wait. While a good conference venue for events is important, what you show is more necessary. 

With, we can set up a booth with home supplies and tips. Bear in mind that this is a website that is geared towards mothers and young children, and the idea is to lean  advertising in a way that is friendly to that corner of the consumer market. Family, home, and lifestyle are key concepts when considering what might be in display at the booth.

Custom Trade Show Displays
My kids at a Japanese trade show

Attract Attention

People enjoy seeing hard evidence that illustrates clear knowledge of what you, the seller, are trying to explain. Not only should the booth hold color samples and themes, but it needs to clearly house products that are practical for mothers and their children.

On this site, tips on how to transition a toddler from a shared bedroom with you and into one of their own are provided. For children, a room of their own is a rite of passage and the first step in achieving autonomy from their parents. Mothers can take all the time they need to explain this phase as an important rite of passage while subsequently teaching the child that having their own space is a good thing and is not as daunting as they might think. Passing on this knowledge to trade show patrons, along with tips and probably illustrations, can be a vital part of the process of learning for families on all perspectives.

custom trade show display
Playcast booth at a San Francisco convention that hubby visited

As a booth owner, it can help in representing the different home decor and repair companies in need of more business while serving the public. Those in strong need of HVAC repair in transitional seasons can learn of the different HVAC companies and what can be done, from troubleshooting a system to changing filters and duct cleaning. Perhaps, showcasing examples of case studies through a monitor in the booth would help.

Clear Picture of Services

storm troopers
D and some storm troopers at a trade show

The site recognizes the need for other ongoing home services, including plumbing, pest control, security, and roof repair. Companies in your area include Moxie Pest Control of Stafford, VA, which holds specialties in areas such as rats and mice, fleas, roaches, and bedbug infestations. They offer deals on home inspections with the understanding that some species can effectively conceal themselves to evade detection. For roof repair, assessments can be made by reputable contractors. Signs that your roof may be failing you include leaks and missing or fallen shingles that are typically the result of wear and tear among the seasons. You can include brochures regarding these to hand out to interested people.

On topic of security: even a top-notch security system is now considered a must. Leaving your home for any amount of time requires you to be on high alert wherever you are. Thieves arrive at any given time and can catch you when you least expect it. If in the event there should ever be a power outage, most home security companies encourage the use of a backup plan that involves an alternate mode of contact, such as a neighbor, nearby relative, or trusted friend. In some cases, you may even be able to use a mobile app for security notifications.

You can display some security cameras in your booth and give a demo as well. This will give consumers a clear picture of the best products in the market.

Custom trade show displays offer the opportunity to showcase goods and services in open-market environments where people meet people.
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Getting Your Business out There with Custom Trade Show Displays

So, in returning to your booth, what can you do? Aside from being ready and friendly, provide business cards.

Contact printing companies for producing your business cards. Make sure your logo and website url can be easily seen – as is the practice of many businesses.

Perhaps even have an expert come to your booth for the day to explain to those wishing to know more about your services.

Remember, it never hurts to be extra when advertising your business. As Murphy’s Law says:  anything that has the potential to go wrong – can. In the meantime, enjoy your own milestone of becoming a happy, responsible business owner. Utilize Custom Trade Show Displays well.