A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.
~Author Unknown


True enough, I can say that my husband is well loved by our kids. Whenever they hear the keys clanking from behind the front door, they’d immediately stop what they’re doing. They would run to the door then shout “Daddy!”  and throw their arms around him then give him a kiss. It was as though the best thing that they look forward to in each day is to see him home again.

My husband as a  typical guy tends to just keep everything to himself. Back in the days though he wrote some pieces  on his old blog from an outdated networking site…here is one of those few notes that I copied.

“Growing up may not turn out the way you planned it to be, I strongly believe. When I was a kid , I wanted to be a doctor, I then changed my mind and wanted to be a cab driver (back then, I just wanted to drive) but now I’m a self proclaimed artist (since I abandoned my job as an artist and I’m still looking for another). I’ve been drawing since I was a kid. Sometimes I have been tinkering with gadgets and electronic stuff then I would be mixing soap with vinegar to see if there would be any chemical reaction. I guess that makes me part artist, mechanic and scientist.  🙂 Now I am still wondering why I’m not a doctor. I look back at my childhood as an experimental way of growing up, having more mistakes than choosing the right choices. Perhaps or perhaps not I’m doing better than most of my childhood friends but sometimes I still think it would be nice to be a ten year old kid again, just enjoy life, no worrying. Just play, eat, be scolded, go to school and all that.”

“Now that I’m a father, I hope my kids would have the fun, ten times more than I enjoyed my childhood and I hope they would grow up to be ten times a better person than I am and when that happens I can finally say to myself that “I did good.”

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