Practical homemakers are often on the lookout for ways to save on household expenses. Some of these cost-saving measures come in obvious forms like discounts, promos, and coupons or vouchers, but there are some that require a bit of knowledge on the latest technology and an open mind to shell out a bit of cash. A good example of this is the use of energy saving tools to cut down on electricity costs in the household. Homemakers can ease their way into an eco-friendly and economical way of decreasing their energy consumption by making use of dimmers in some of their rooms.



Traditional light switches operate on a simple “on” and “off” function only. Dimmers or dimmer switches allow users to adjust the lighting levels in the room according to their needs. This also means that household members can adjust their energy consumption in a room and save on electricity by using lower light levels. A household can save at least 5-9% on their energy consumption through the use of dimmers. It can be installed in the bedroom, living room, hallways or dining room where lights are often needed. Lighting in these areas can be set at their lowest levels when there is still natural light available. At night time, light levels can be adjusted at around mid levels or at a range that is just enough to illuminate these rooms and minimize the use of bulbs at 100% energy levels. Aside from saving on electricity, dimmers can also help extend the life of your bulbs as much as 20x compared to bulbs that utilize traditional switches. However, those who intend to have dimmers installed in their homes should check for bulb specifications. There are dimmers that require dimmable CFL bulbs for optimum use.

Homemakers can take a pro-active approach in decreasing the energy consumption in their household by utilizing energy saving partners like dimmers. This will enable them to enjoy long term savings benefits on household expenses and contribute in saving the environment by adopting eco-friendly practices.