Not only Americans were enamored by Mickey Mouse when he first appeared on the big screen. To kids and us kids at heart around the world, the handsome mouse acquired a soft spot as well, simply put; “we all love the mouse.”  It was not only Mickey but other Disney characters too.  Generation after generation has a favorite Disney movie to share. For one it would be Snow White or The Little Mermaid yet for another it could be Toy Story or Finding Nemo.

Non-animated classic Disney movies are not to be forgotten. Maybe you’ve heard your dad tell the story of Condorman, he might not be the hero like Batman and Superman are but he has his share of fame, his own condormobile and damsels in distress to rescue ala 007. Now, you can watch Condorman with your dad as it was made available exclusively for members of the Disney Movie Club in May 2008. See the misadventures of Condorman as told by your dad in his stories.


There are also many rare/exclusive and classic Disney movies offered by the the Disney Movie Club, an online community for fans, kids and adults alike. Reliving the magic we had and shared by all those movies we watched as kids is now easier…(they are delivered right to one’s doorstep!) Recently released movies like Wall-E, Bolt, are listed, as are old favorites such as  Tigger’s Movies, Ducktales the Movie, Stub, A Mom for Christmas ( one that I won’t watch) and the 1958 hit, Tonka.  A majority of both the classic and newer Disney films are in their catalogue which one can browse alphabetically or categorically.

Joining the Disney Movie Club is easy, just register at their website and create an account. You can already place your initial order afterwards. (The website includes other means of registration and explains all the terms and “commitment” for being a member.) Shipping is free on certain conditions! Also, about once a month, you will be sent offers that would definitely remind you of old time favorite movies. If you want to get this offer then a simple yes will do…

Some of the members are Disney movie collectors and if you are contemplating on building your own collection of your beloved Disney films, this is the best  opportunity for that. As a Disney Movie Club member, you will get the original classic films that may not be in the market anymore. They are also great gifts. Imagine the joy your dad will have if he receives a copy of his favorite movie as a child.  Imagine your mom’s delight if she watches again the first Disney film she watched with your dad when they were still dating :D. Disney and the mouse has certainly been part of our lives and they continue to. No matter where or no matter the age, we are all connected to one another through Disney’s timeless creations.