That the little boy being left-handed is something I look out for. Some of the great artists are after all, left-handed. He has exhibited much interest with drawing at a very young age and would still do those doodles wherever we go. I make sure that we have a notebook or pieces of paper, colored pens, pencils and other art materials.
We attended a special assembly at St. Pölten hence the Barong. Unlike adults, kids can’t really sit hearing talks without getting bored…or sleepy. (Admittedly, I get sleepy too.)
(May 23, 2010)
The little boy happily doodled on his free McDonald’s notebook for more than 10 minutes and ended with this.
It was after lunch, plus the weight of the talks and doing all that doodling sent him to dreamland…
(I started a special blog for my little boy’s art skills but can’t update it often so I’m jotting them down here as well as stories of his wit.) Please enjoy!