When we were starting out as a family, hubby and I planned on a euro tour with our then little daughter. The plan never came to life, aside from being busy at work, we now have 2 more kids to tag along. It’s not really easy and not to mention cheap when we do a euro tour. So the plan remains a plan after all this time.

But thinking again, it may be possible soon. There are rail travel packages offering Euro train tickets that might fit our budget. The tours include features on the road information of each country’s heritage and culture with hop-on hop-off visits on certain regions. Some of the regions included would be Amsterdam, Brussel and Paris. And though we’ve been to Disneyland Paris, I believe the kids would love to go back and it could be the highlight of such a trip. Now, I just have to know when the kids’ are having a few weeks vacation off before booking. 🙂