My kids, niece (blue-green shirt) and nephew (in red).

It is customary that I take a photo of my mom-in-laws grandkids when the chance presents itself. This was taken at the Wasserpark/waterpark when we came to play. Mom-in-law brought some food for easy snacking. There’s a playground for the kids, a tennis, basketball court too and table tennis for sports enthusiasts.

Little boy and “mama bear.”
There are wide open fields where you could spread a mantel  to have picnic under the sun. It also serves as  a badminton lawn. There are animal sculptures like that above where the kids could climb up to or in my case, take photos of.

Hubby playing football against the boys.
When hubby and I are here, we play table tennis or tennis (just forgot to bring them rackets for today, lol) or he plays football against the kids. He also has his RC heli and I am tasked to take a video when he flies it. That heli always attracts a lot of attention. Many of the “spectators” would ask him for specifics about it.

You can see the heli, just look closely.

The climbing net is a big challenge to the kids.


Little boy trying his best to go up the climbing net.


My daughter is already up the top!
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