A few days back, we went hunting for a new LCD tv to replace the plasma tv we have at our living room. At the shop, I just can’t help being awed by this WIDE Screen (homecinema) tv on display…I just had to take a photo.

Hubby is more of the stay at home type of person that’s why he sees to it that weekends would be an enjoyable time for the family. This is also why he makes sure that we enjoy watching our favorite movies at home conveniently and in a good environment.

We love movies, but a movie with everything in it, humor, emotion, cuteness would surely be a hit. Take this movie coming out in January, All Roads Lead Home. Based on a true story, the movie tackles family life after the death of a loved one, how they kept the family intact despite the absence of one…and how to let go. There’s a lot of values to pick up, which I believe makes a good film.. This surely is one of the movies worth watching on a wide screen TV!

Here is a trailer of the movie, if you want to preorder a copy simply follow the link above.

Happy weekend!