I normally post about fashion over at my Vanity Blog where the Thursday Brownies meme is hosted. My daughter also posts fashion tips at her blog but she’s having difficulties at the moment having had a bike accident last week. 🙁



It’s getting cold in this region again. Autumn is making itself felt in the mornings but the sun would be out again at noon. It’s not really nice, we get confused as to what we should wear. So to be safe, we are wearing longsleeves and sweaters that are not really that thick. The cold breeze is bearable and a  breath of fresh air is welcome especially in the mornings. We just remove it when the sun shines. A little running if it gets cold will make us sweat and therefore warm. 🙂

Would you believe that except for the longsleeve poloshirt, necktie and cap that the little boy is wearing on those photos are all hand-me-downs? I am really glad that my bigger boy takes care of his things well so they are still wearable by bunso and saves us shopping money. 😀

These Chuck-inspired rain boots are also hand-me-downs. The red one used to be dawty’s now being used by son#1 and the black one used to be his now used by bunso. In some ways, “the garbage of one, is another’s treasure” proved true. lol

Anyway, accidents do happen, in the process poor jeans could suffer the consequences of a careless child. Little boy’s pants got this hole when he tripped at the playground, landing his knee on the pavement. What I did is put this embroidery sticker (lol, I translated this from German, I don’t know what the exact English word is). Since it’s a football, it does appear as a design.


Lastly, this is daughter’s outfit last spring…spring has the same feel as autumn only this time the grasses are brown, the leaves are yellow and orange. Would definitely do some photoshoots soon.

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