Going home to the Philippines isn’t complete without a day spent on a shopping spree….of course with my bestest friend.  But because she works and I don’t our choices for clothing were pretty much different. However, there were also stuff that we agreed on, thank goodness office clothing/suits need not be as how it used to. Nowadays, fashionistas at work are not talked about behind the back but are more accepted if not asked upon by co-workers as to where they can buy rare if not  modest clothing for women. My friend and I had big bags of loot that day but it does seem not enough. Glad there are online shops that sells gorgeous dresses and skirt or office wear (just in case I would need some in the future). Tabeez.com is one of the recommended stops for those who love to dress up, ocassionally, casually or just at the office. Visit and see their great gallery of women’s clothing at the best prices offered.