First schoolday
My daughter is officially a school kid! 😉 Still fresh from the beach and with sun burnt skin, she attended the first day of school as a grade 1 student.
She eagerly awaited for this day as she can already write and read and do minor additions and subtractions. I just hope she continue to like learning new things.



Some friends, asked what she is holding at the top photo (the big pink-princess cone) . It is actually a school cone (Schultüte) which contains school things, sweets, toys and other stuff that kids like. It has become a tradition for the parents or grandparents to prepare one for their kids/grandkids when he/she begins school. With this, kids await schoolday eagerly and with excitement knowing that there are lots of fun stuff in their ‘tüte’ (literally means bag).

On another note, I just can’t help noticing how my little girl like stuff with Princesses and Barbie on it…..tsk tsk! Well, I remember being brand concious isn’t much odf an issue to me as a kid, I just hope my little girl enjoys school and learns well plus learns how to value her stuff…