A long overdue post…of an art gallery visit. Glad I found these photos in one of my facebook albums.


(Little boy looks on as hubby speaks with the gallery owner.)

We visited Gallery M, a gallery owned by a Filipino artist who refused to be on the limelight. She’s been in the city for 28 years and has been an art dealer with big names behind her records and on her roster. Sometime last year, she opened the Gallery for Asian artists along with one of her partners. We came to know of this from one of the artist on exhibit himself, Ronald Salazar, hubby’s classmate back in highschool.

(One of Ronald Salazar’s work on display.)

So we scheduled a visit one Saturday afternoon. The gallery is located near the place of one who I consider as my Aunt. It was about 40 minutes travel from where we live. As how a gallery should look, there were collections of paintings and sculptures on display, tagged with prices in case viewers would like to buy of course. It has been so long since I’ve enjoyed being lost in a sea of wonderful colors. I think I enjoyed the visit more than my kids did. See, they were engaged playing with phones.

We took photos and interviewed the owner, recorded on video but we are not publishing it upon her request. It would have been a pleasure to introduce her but I can’t do anything about it.

It was already dark when we left the gallery. We went to the nearest food joint to have dinner and came home much later. The photos below would tell the difference.



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