We recently did a maternity photoshoot with a friend and we eagerly awaited for the little one to finally come. The little bundle of joy arrived just last week. Busy bee me hasn’t gone to visit him yet but I definitely will this coming week. I have been scouting for some little cute stuff to give him and there really are a lot to choose from. In case you are in the same situation as I am, here is a list of what you should consider:


Music Boxes. One technology that never really goes old. Music boxes has been around for many years but it is a versatile piece that has been reinvented in style. Pick ones that has sleepy melodies and bright colours. It can both soothe a baby when tired and entertain it when awake. The mom will surely thank you too, she will have have some time for herself as the baby dozes off.

Old technology but still is very useful today.
(photo via www.babygadget.net)

Light-projecting toys and effects. Think of those little fish tanks that changes colours or projection mobiles with hanging little animals in them. Some of them also plays music which is an added bonus.  The little one will be really delighted with the movement and its eyesight will be developed easily seeing all those colours.

Breast Pump. While we often think of what a baby would enjoy, we almost forget that it also need good nourishing to help its immune system. What best way is there than to give mom a breast pump if she hasn’t one yet. Assuming of course that she has decided to breastfeed the baby, there would be a lot of good ones to choose from, find out from a list of breast pump reviews here.

Mittens. No, it’s never enough. Even if the parents have both a dozen mittens already, one will be bound to get lost. So you can help protect a baby’s really sensitive skin by gifting mittens fit for different ages. Just enough to cover its first 5 months perhaps.

Beddings and Blankets. Just like mittens, these are never enough. Get those set of baby girl nursery bedding in pink or baby boy crib set in blue of cute designs as pictured above. A set would most probably include  quilt, (around the whole crib), a pillow or two, a toy bag, valances, fitted sheet, bedskirt and also a matching diaper stacker. It would look so neatly organized and cute when put together.

Crocheted personal stuff. If you can crochet, baby girls are the cutest in colorful beanies with big flowers on them- it’s the trend too so have its mom save up on $$$ by gifting such. Other crochet ideas include shoes, blankets (again), little jackets, tunics and capelets.

Nursery wall

Audiobooks. Admit it, moms are busy bees too. We know that reading to a baby or a child helps in its language development but really, with the help of audiobooks, moms can do about doing other things than watch the baby grow and help it in that department.

Your own favorite book. Ok, audiobooks are great but there is no better gift than making a baby love reading. Pass on your favorite selection of childrens’ books as Roald Dahl, Robert Munsch, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Hans Christian Andersen and Charles Dickens. It will beneficial in the long run.

Whatever you decide on giving, remember that gifts that come from the heart are appreciated the most, no matter how big or small.