Modern dentistry makes it easy for everybody to have a captivating smile regardless if they were naturally blessed with great looking teeth or not. Welcome to the world of cosmetic dentistry where crooked teeth are straightened out, gaps filled, gums reshaped and teeth whitened. Those who have problems with the appearance of their teeth can simply turn to a cosmetic dentist to find a solution for their pearly whites concern. One can even get a personalized smile from his Sugar land cosmetic dentist if he pleases.


Here are some common cosmetic dental services that one can avail of:

1.       Braces or orthodontics. This type of service is availed by those who have misaligned or crooked teeth. Braces are placed on the teeth in order to apply steady pressure that gradually moves the teeth into alignment. Traditional braces are made of metal brackets attached to each tooth but the modern versions can range from clear or transparent brackets, tooth-colored ones, and multi-colored ones.

2.       Teeth Whitening and White Fillings. A set of white shiny teeth certainly makes for a bright and beautiful smile. There are toothpastes with whitening formula that can be bought over the counter for those who want naturally white looking teeth. However, people with heavily stained teeth may need professional services to get the results that they want. Those who need to get new fillings or replace their old amalgam fillings can have naturally beautiful and healthier looking teeth by using white fillings.

3.       Personalized smile. This is probably the quirkiest service that one can get from a dental clinic. Cosmetic dentistry allows you to give your smile a makeover and give it a new look. One can bring a photo of the smile that they desire and have their dentist work on sculpting them a new smile. There are even some who opt to have their incisors prominently shaped like a fang giving them a vampire like appearance.