(non-moving Mozart impersonator, a clown who doesn’t smile…his heart must be really achin’)
In Vienna, Saturday is when you’ll meet faces from different places. Well, for me at least. Saturdays and Sundays are hubby’s days off from work so we get the time to play or take a walk, eat out and take photos. Since the kids still have colds, hubby decided to opt out of our trip to Kahlenberg, a mountain (not so much of a real mountain) at Vienna’s 19th district. It is reachable via bus that would take about 20 minutes  of travel time. There were a lot of locals alight because the weather has gone up a bit. Kuya O, Tito C, Tita S and I didn’t pass up this trip.

Visiting Kahlenberg is like being at home…standing there on top of the mountain viewing the foggy skyline is reminiscent of Tagaytay City (Philippines) were all four of us have lived closely. (More photos soon!)

After our trip to the “mountains” we went down to civilization (lol) and walked about taking more pictures. There were still demonstrations going on with regard to Libya’s situation. There are locals and tourists up and about doing their shopping, sightseeing and of course employees tasked to promote their stuff. One of those that we were so happy about is the Jaguar on display in front of the casino. We can’t help but have a snapshot by it. 😀 (Errmmm, I’m not in the photo once again.)

All the walking didn’t make me hungry, why? I had a dürum kebap earlier and Tita S brought some homemade empanada that we munched while we were on the mountains. Then again, having dinner with my kababayans is inevitable. May Lee was where our feet took us. It wasn’t our first time there so I’d be posting photos of the place when I get to write about our first experience. It is a little restaurant serving Japanese, Asian and other asian dishes (no pinoy food though 🙁 bummer!). I still got some GCs from Groupon so we made use of three. Two GCs of chicken noodles for two and one with two large orders of sushi.I was surprised to see green  caviar for the first time. I’m used to having Ikura (salmon roe) when eating Japanese. I asked Kuya O being familiar with authentic Japanese food but I never got a clear answer. So I googled and found about Wasabi Tobiko (flying fish roe) flavored with wasabi (japanese horseradish). You put them over sushi meshi (rice) and wrapped in toasted seaweed (nori) just like ikura sushi. A different kick from the usual sushi fare that I love. The noodles were good, served in large portions too and separate heaters!  We were full not just from the food but the stories that came with it. It’s nice to have people you know who know people you know around. 🙂

green caviar, tobiko

Will write about May Lee (staff and ambiance) on Thursday. Have to eat for now (it’s not a good idea to blog about food, you really wanna eat what you write about).

May Lee Asia
Wiedner Hauptstraße 37 | 1040 Wien
4. Bezirk – Wieden
Küche: Asiatisch, Japanisch
Lokaltyp: Restaurant
Tel: 01 505 14 82
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