A woman’s hair is her crowning glory…in this case, a girl’s. True enough, the hair makes a lot of difference to a person’s appearance.

My daughter has always sported long hair. She said she wanted it that way, she would always reply ‘no’ to the question ‘would you like a haircut?‘   

Then one time on our way home, we passed by a salon, spontaneously I told her we’d go in and see how she’d look with shorter hair. There was no debate that time, she agreed and so off we went in and had her hair shortened just like mine 😀 except for the bangs.

I could make lots of “do’s” to her hair when it was still long but now its a simple dry and wear hair. At times I put a little butterfly clip to tuck away the stray of bangs.

You might notice too the way she smiles, well I am not really a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow, but daughty seems to have a liking to her ‘no-show-of-teeth smile.’ Not! She lost 2 upper front teeth and wouldn’t want others to know.

Some noted that she looked younger with her new hair, though I might not be so used to it yet.