Hi! I’m Gizelle or Marie to some (G to my closest friends). I am Harold‘s understanding wife and AB, C and D’s wholesome mom. If I may add, I am also one  who firmly believes in the one, true God.
I was born and raised in the Philippines, south of Manila, so I only learned Tagalog while growing up. Given the chance, I would have chosen another or two other dialects.
I am a writer and photographer by profession…should I have pursued my career. 😀 Back in college, I consider myself more of a hands-on writer and photographer than a journalism student. I was learning the ropes of how to be a journalist as a staffer of UST’s publication, the Varsitarian, instead of as a student listening to lectures. I was doing beat report in and outside the campus.  I was there being part of and writing history during the oust of then President Joseph Estrada and I also covered the NBI for the Philippine Daily Inquirer for some time. Those were the days…
Unforeseen circumstances lead me to another path…that of motherhood. A welcomed and exciting path. I became a mom 5 days before my 21st birthday…and have been a proud mom of 3 beautiful kids for 9.5 years now. I’ve decided to take my kids as the subject of  my writing and photography. Thus, the stories behind the photos that you often see featured in this blog.



(hubby is of Singaporean descent, my kids took on more of his genes)
We’ve been in Vienna since 2002 (two boys born here). Been taking photos since day one; all archived by hubby for posterity. When my youngest boy was born (March 2006), I’ve stayed a stay-at-home mom to help all three with school stuff and be with them longer. In between, I submit articles and conceptual photos for magazines featuring my kids…my stint as a stagemom slash photographer (click to see some of the printed photos). 😉 I also sell photos and of course write paid reviews. I used to host the SAHM Project, a bi-weekly project (almost like a meme) where I feature things I do with my kids. Hmmm….must be high-time I revive this project wilth all you moms out there!
I love reading books even as a child. I’d pick up my mom’s college books and read them repeatedly. This is the reason why I love writing too.  I take inspiration from Jane Austen, the Brönte sisters, the Bible, Neruda and Haruki Murakami. The latter prompting me to study Japanese, my fifth tongue (still learning). Aside from Tagalog and English, I also speak German fluently and am still mastering Spanish.

IMG_9214Japanese food is my weakness,  I can eat raw salmon 24/7…ohhh Unagi (barbecued eel) and tuna in all its glory  too!

Like most of you, I like to shop. I especially  like to shop for shoes. I am  from the land of Imelda after all…

I love traveling. I particularly like to take photos of different places capturing their culture, what is known in them and what is different from the other places I’ve seen. This is one of the many common things I share with hubby. We also love movies, animes, mangas, playing tennis and other sports (basketball included) and go on adventures in different places though he’s more to it than I am, I’ll just take photos if given a choice. I won’t go beyond climbing up the Eiffel tower…he’d go bungee jumping had he the chance. He loves to snowboard but I’m contented taking his photos.


I enjoy being on the move, taking the chance to sweat when I can. I do bellydancing and  Pilates but have stopped since I started going to  the gym regularly. I see to it that my heart races even for just 15 minutes a day.


Why “Mirage?” Mirage (/mi-rash/) means something unobtainable…it’s an adjective that I’ve always associated myself with. In life, there are things that would be just an illusion, no matter how near they may be.

There are a dozen more things I love and spend time doing but if I am to sum  up my life in photos, these would best describe me:

Please pardon that I am so used to being behind the camera that I rarely have a solo shot. 😀 Sorry too that this  write-up has taken so much space. I think this is the first time I wrote about me and I discovered myself more as I write. Arigatou gozaimasu; Gracias; Salamat; Danke schön;Thank you for taking the time reading about me. Again, this is Marie, a jack of all trades, master of none but for now, I’m just a  contented stay-at-home mom.

I used to have different niched blogs but have combined them all here….this blog is actually in the process of renovation. 😀

I maintain a city daily photoblog, ViennaDailyFotos.
A drive by photography collaboration, Drive By.

A listing of memes and a collection of badges’ codes, DailyMemeBadges.
An inactive meme for photo postcards, PostcardPerfect.

Special thanks to Mommy Willa for listing me at PMC and guiding me to the the Bloggers Exchange. To Mommy Rubz for additional ideas for Meme Badges and also creating this community and all you mommies for the warm welcome.

P.S. heads up to Stef, Irish , Janice and Anna for the companionship. 😉

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