Aside from books, the little boy loves microphones. 😀 He would often burst out into a song while playing or doing his krizzy-krazzy sketches. It doesn’t matter which language, he often does mondegreens especially for japanese songs…


When we read a book, he would hold it and sit on my lap. He would repeat the words exactly how I pronounce and stress them. One time while searching for a page he wanted to read, he hit me with his elbow.

He quickly said “ay sorry!” and I just smiled…then I can’t help but laugh when he started out to a song:

“Ay sorry sorry, hingkaman sampalong…”

Even hubby guffawed hearing him sing. The lyrics should have been “Ay sari sari, singkamas at talong,” which is a Filipino song about vegetables that goes like this when translated: “differently…turnips and eggplants.” 😀

With a kid like this, I won’t need an anti wrinkle serum when I’m older. I only use my muscle for smiling and laughing so no need to worry about wrinkles. Right?