Many picture stay-at-home moms to be living a life of great leisure doing nothing all day but clean their nails, curl their hair, and basically pass time in frivolities. There are those who can’t imagine how we moms could possibly be stressed staying at home. Heck, even our own husbands have the gall to ask us what we’ve been doing all day. I just don’t think they realize that we don’t have magic powers like Mary Poppins who can have toys packed away with just a song and a flick of a finger.


So, what exactly happens at home the entire day? Children’s needs are attended to, meals are cooked, dishes are washed, furniture and floors dusted and cleaned, clothes washed – and the list goes on forever. Let’s just say that if a husband comes home and finds the house exactly in the same state as it was when he left that morning, then you bet that a great deal of work was done to keep things in order.

Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned moms like me who do all these and have ‘income-generating’ work to boot. Aside from doing all the chores at home, they manage their own home-based businesses or perform online jobs. These jobs take several hours each day and, when workload is heavy, eat much of our bedtime as well. Mind you, the tasks that we do at home are emotionally, physically, and mentally taxing.

Well, if it’s really that stressful, then why do we still choose to work at home? Here are three primary reasons why many of us do:

Children Are Brought Up Well. By being our children’s foremost caregivers, we would be able to ensure their upbringing based on the values we want to inculcate in them. Also, there’s nothing more fulfilling than to personally witness our children reach every milestone in their lives.

Supplemental Income Translates to Better Financial Footing. This means that there’s less worry over finances. Moreover, children are likely able to go to private schools as parents can afford to send them there for premiere education. The additional income that work-at-home moms earn also enables the family to take trips and vacations that strengthen their bond as a family.

Work Boosts Our Self-Esteem. It’s not uncommon for moms who set aside their own careers to tend to the home front to feel somewhat left behind by their peers who have since climbed the corporate ladder. Being able to work at home and earn money doing something we’re good at gives us a sense of accomplishment and boosts our self-worth. It may seem self-gratifying but a mother who is confident about herself and her capabilities will most likely be able to raise children who are also as self-confident.

Though stress does get to me sometimes and I do get jealous when hubby gets to eat out with his friends while I’m at home feeding the kids, at the end of the day, I still wouldn’t trade my being a work-at-home-mom for any other career. What other career rewards you with hugs and kisses brimming with unconditional love? Nada.