Hiring a Professional to Capture Wedding Memories


One of the most important things to prepare for in a wedding is the photo and video coverage.  Couples would want to capture every little detail of the event so that they can relive it whenever they want to. Halifax wedding photography is not just like any other type of photography.  You cannot simply whip out a DSLR and start shooting.  It takes style, artistry, and technical skills to capture moments in the best wedding photographs.

ahh, that’s me going for blurry ^_^

If you are getting married in Nova Scotia, you might want to check out Nicholas Summer.  He is particularly known for his specialization in portrait and event photography.   When it comes to wedding photography Halifax, you do not have anything to worry about.  Here are some tips on how to choose the best wedding photographer:

Check out his portfolio – every professional photographer has a portfolio of his works whether done for a fee or for his own personal pleasure.  By browsing through a photographer’s portfolio, you will get a feel of what his style is.  You will find out how flexible and adaptable he is to the quirks of each couple he photographs.  The personalities of the couples and the general mood of the event should be felt just by looking at the photographs.  You might also get some creative ideas from the photographs for you to use in your own wedding.

Ask other couples – his past customers will no doubt have any problems recommending him if they are pleased with his work.  This is the best way for you to find out about matters like punctuality and responsiveness.  Aside from being able to take great photographs, you also want your photographer to be easy to talk to and personable.  The best photographers have a way of making their subjects comfortable enough be truly expressive in their pictures.

Get a quote – every couple who is planning to get married is working on a budget – unless of course you have millions in the bank allocated for everything related to your wedding.  You do not want to go overboard on your photography expenses.  After all, this is just one item in your long list of wedding must-haves.  You want to get a quote so you can see if it fits your budget.  Most wedding photographers would have packages at different rates.  You may choose to have pre-wedding as well as post-wedding photo sessions.  These would cost you extra.  When you know exactly how much everything costs, it would be easier for you to squeeze them into your wedding budget.